Hacker News folks may remember me for this little app.

I have a PhD in computer science from UT Austin. For the past year I was the technical co-founder and CTO at Venture Hacks. There I built version 1 of our social network for entrepreneurs. It was my first webapp, and I wrote and rewrote it from scratch. In the process, I practiced TDD and agile practice under some amazing teachers, learned about the startup/VC life cycle from my co-founders, and gained first-hand experience of the attention to detail involved in deploying and monitoring a webapp. It was quite a ride, and I took the first version to launch and beyond. Now I've found developers who are going to keep working on the site, and am looking for new problems to conquer.

Does your startup need someone who does both design and implementation (QA skills are a work in progress :)? Who can build rudimentary UI mockups on the front-end and then implement them on the backend? Who manages both servers and user feedback? Who engages with users, obsessively watches server logs, and constantly bugs you with hard questions about what you're doing and why? Whose idea of relaxation is to work on one of half a dozen little side projects? If so, drop me a line.

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