Tweaks for Firefox


  • Password Composer: Remember one single password, give multiple web sites their own password. A hacked password on one site will no longer compromise your other accounts. Based on Johannes la Poutre's now-unmaintained script. This version generates more secure 12-character passwords by default, while also permitting old 8-character passwords to be generated. There is also a shell script version.

  • Generate Gmail Signature: Automatically appends a random short snippet from my blog to the compose textarea in gmail. Uses the nice new gmail greasemonkey API, and is based on Srikanth's script for the old gmail. Doesn't work when replying to or forwarding emails, but I don't really want a sig in replies anyway. Switching to some other source of snippets is easy: just modify the URL in the source to some other one that returns a random quote. Shoot me an email if you'd like a similar cgi for your blog. (obsolete)

  • Copy with URL: Context menu to copy current page's URL along with selected text. Based on Copy as HTML Link by Justin Watts. (obsolete)

  • GreaseGoogle: A couple of minor munges on Google's search results page. Removes URL redirection for efficiency and opens google search results in a new page/tab. Based on this but is smart enough to open links that are not search results (next, prev, etc.) in the same page. (obsolete)

  • UT-Proxify ACM PDFs: Converts links to PDFs at to tunnel through the UT Library firewall so you can access them off-campus. Be prepared to login with your EID every now and then.

  • Footnote Links: Converts footnotes like [1] or *1* into links pointing to the footnote and back. Minor generalization of the now-unnecessary script to fix footnotes in Paul Graham's essays. Add included pages as necessary, though I've seen it do weird things on sites with lots of javascript.

  • Show Permalinks: Shows invisible <a name=..> tags.

  • NYTimes Permalinks: Rewrite URLs to use Aaron Swartz's link generator.
  • Sept. 2004