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NewsFlash: a feed-reader for firehose drinkersi

Are you a voracious reader? Do you laugh at people who use bookmarks for their daily news?1 Do you subscribe to hundreds of feeds?

Do you find yourself constantly falling behind on your reading? Struggling to sift through the junk that's found its way in? Wanting a time-out? Coming up with hacks to clear your inbox?

Do you find that you're second-guessing yourself when adding a new feed?

I like this post. I want to subscribe for more great posts.
But will they all be good?
Will he flood my feedreader like Volokh did?
Perhaps I should watch it awhile before adding it.
But d'uh, the feed-reader is how I watch stuff.

Do you worry about missing out on interesting stories?

Whoa, I knew this guy was a keeper. What if it hadn't shown up on Digg? (ugh)
(Ok, maybe you're not as neurotic as me.)

Surfing the web should be fun. But small stresses can add up. We shouldn't be constantly nagged about all the stuff we haven't read yet. We shouldn't worry about some people publishing too often (and neither should they).

The solution: NewsFlash



But if you're willing to put up with all that—you'll have control! (And a bonus: you'll be able to read your feeds offline.)

Download NewsFlash


1. Bookmarks are great for note-taking. But not for polling for updates.

2. Everytime you flip out of this post, you get something from the next feed on your list. Or the next if there's nothing unread in it.

3. Adding the word 'RANDOM' shuffles feeds after that point in the list.