Aug 15, 2022 is the graph-based note-taking UI I've wanted for some time for my 10+ years of notes spanning 500+MB of text. A fork of Still in progress.

video; 30 seconds

Things to note:

  • Operates on a hard-coded directory of text files.
  • No overlapping, no tiling, just an infinite 2D surface of columns. Commands open new columns.
  • Wordstar-style menu up top of important commands in current context, and their shortcuts.
  • Command palette at top left that filters commands available in current context.
  • Files/nodes can have links. Links can form graphs, as the picture shows (original:
  • Links have labels (next/previous by default).␣
  • Graph-traversal commands can take an argument (next/previous by default) of the edge label you want to follow.
  • 'add' adds an edge immediately to the current node, 'append' traverses the edge repeatedly to the end, then adds.
  • 'step' navigates along an edge from the current node and opens it in a new column, 'unroll' traverses the edge repeatedly to the end and collects all nodes into a single column.

Edit 2022-08-29: I've added search, cross-links and hyperlinks.

One more short demo: initial rev 2022-07-27.

Comments gratefully appreciated. Please send them to me by any method of your choice and I'll include them here.

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