Freewheeling Apps that are easy to run, easy to modify and easy to share.
  • Lua Carousel, a lightweight programming environment for desktop and mobile devices. (devlog)
Feb 2022
Teliva, a platform for habitable and auditable text-mode apps (guided tour; talk '22; demos)
Jun 2021
Mu, a safe, hackable computing stack that builds up from raw machine code (guided tour; paper '20; talk '20; sample app)
Jul 2015
Mu1, an earlier prototype of Mu: a little virtual machine, operating system and programming language for teaching programming one-on-one (src)
Oct 2013
Layers and traces, a new way to organize programs (sample code)
Feb 2013
Wart, an experiment in making code accessible to outsiders. Emphasizes readability, lisp macros, extensible names, keyword args. (src; Nov '10)
Feb 2011
HackerStream, a real-time UI for Hacker News (Nov '07, Jun '07)
Sep 2010
Yam, a suite of scripts for querying webserver logs from the commandline
Jan 2010
ReadWarp: the eclectic, personalized news reader (Mar '09, Jan '09, Mar '04, src)
Mar 2008
Recommended, a social network for startups and investors
May 2007
Ph.D. dissertation, on prefetching for different access patterns (ISMM '06, SPEC '06, tr '02)
Sep 2006
The countPaths problem, a code exposition experiment in tiddlywiki
Dec 2004
Clickable links in VNC using bitmap matching for your font
Tips for shell, vim, lisp, windowmaker+eterm, firefox
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