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Mar 12, 2024
I'm up to level 56. I think 42 was the most satisfying/memorable.

Screenshot of a level of Sokoban solved

A little thing like an 'edit' button introduces cascading issues:

  • LÖVE (in combination with mobile restrictions) won't let me modify code files in place. I have to overlay my changes in a new location.
  • But now I can't pick up any upgrades to my app. Upgrades modify code files in place, but any overlay persists (otherwise you'd completely lose your changes after upgrading).
  • But hey I have a programmable editor here! I'll just create a new file called 'scratch' with a one-liner to blow away the overlay. (With my app user's hat on, I know in this case my changes are minor in a way that I don't with my app developer's hat on.)
  • (A few hours later.) Wait, now none of my changes are having any effect. And they're completely blown away when I go back to the code.
  • :face_palm: Oh it's that 'scratch' file still hanging around. So it needs to be a 2-liner. I have to make any changes I want to the file system -- and then delete 'scratch' to make this a one-time operation.
  • I could try to create a screen of helpers for this, along with a comment that says, "insert file system operations here" after which is a delete of 'scratch'.

In this way I find myself playing meta-Sokoban.. :eyeroll:

Tl;dr - the 'edit' button isn't really usable yet.

I really don't want to go down the road of building a compare and merge flow :eyeroll:

Comments gratefully appreciated. Please send them to me by any method of your choice and I'll include them here.

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